My Airbrush is Clogged! AGAIN!!!!

If you are new to airbrushing like we once were, you may have encountered the same problem we did; your airbrush inexplicably gets clogged every time you use it. No matter how many times you clean it or take it apart, the makeup just won’t come out! Hopefully you haven’t done what we did and bought several different machines out of the belief that they were broken… They weren’t.

One problem actually lies in the viscosity of the makeup itself and/or the size of the needle.

Viscosity is the thinness or thickness of a liquid. Different brands of airbrush makeup vary widely in viscosity. Some feel more watery and others feel like heavy cream. Keep in mind that shimmery or metallic makeup may have larger particles within the liquid itself that can cause the airbrush to clog as well.

If your makeup is too thick for your airbrush gun, you simply need to buy a new gun with an end nozzle that has a larger opening.  

There is also the issue of different types of airbrush liquids that don’t “mix”.  Some may be silicone based and others water based and that means trouble for your airbrush gun!

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