Hi Definition Makeup Explained

High Definition Makeup– What is it?

You’ve probably heard of HD makeup, whether it be on beauty blogs, TV, or even seeing it in stores. So many makeup brands, including e.l.f., NYX, and LA Girl have HD lines… But what makes it different from regular makeup?

Regular makeup is made primarily to mask or cover up flaws. It can have a heavier consistency and can have a matte or dewy finish. With today’s HD and 4K cameras, regular foundations can end up making you look flat and can even make pores and blemishes more noticeable!

HD foundation is made to diffuse flaws and imperfections. How? The pigments found in HD foundation are light-reflecting. This blurs the light and softens the focus, so your skin appears smoother, and more natural looking even with the hyper-focused cameras of today!

If you’re having professional photos taken, whether it’s for a wedding, prom, or even family portraits, investing in a good HD foundation or makeup artist (hint, hint) can make a world of difference!

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