Boudoir Isn’t THAT Serious!

I have had SO MANY women tell me that they wish they had my level of confidence.  My own Pink Warriors have said this – that they want to be like me. I giggle at both statements because I have always struggled to be confident and to be strong.  I have made MANY mistakes, felt ugly, been bullied, gave up, just to arrive here.  Confidence and strength aren’t the lack of insecurity or fear nor are they limited to certain people with certain characteristics.  Confidence and strength comes from making a decision to ignore your insecurities and fears and to enjoy life.  It is simply doing the opposite of what insecurity and fear tell you to do – hide, be quiet, don’t try something new, think you are ugly, etc.  So I did that – a boudoir shoot – the one thing I had always wanted to do but never thought I was pretty enough or in shape enough to do it.  I wanted my friends to see that I was scared to death (and I was) but did it anyway because I wanted to – because I needed to – for me.

So what I am going to share with you now are not just the wonderful, perfect photos that were picked out of the many that were taken.  I am going to show you the goofy, silly, “me being me” photos to get to the few that would be worthy of an album.  Scott with Altered Ego Images in Charlotte, NC did a great job of making me feel comfortable.  I had my daughter Lydia, my friend Elizabeth, and Scott’s fiance there helping me along because I had no clue how to pose! When I am uncomfortable I use humor to get past it – and I get past it!  I had a great time doing this and Altered Ego Images did a great job with all my nerves and really dumb jokes during the whole thing.

So here you go – the reason that EVERY WOMAN that wants to do boudoir should – it isn’t because we are perfect – it is because we are women and we are beautiful in our own way!  So don’t hesitate to do whatever it is that you need/want to do to feel beautiful.  Its ok if it takes 15 silly or “bad” pics to get the one you want – and that is with anything – photos and life.  So Enjoy!

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