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Hi Def – Makeup?

December 18, 2017

High Definition Makeup– What is it?

You’ve probably heard of HD makeup, whether it be on beauty blogs, TV, or even seeing it in stores. So many makeup brands, including e.l.f., NYX, and LA Girl have HD lines… But what makes it different from regular makeup?

Regular makeup is made primarily to mask or cover up flaws. It can have a heavier consistency and can have a matte or dewy finish. With today’s HD and 4K cameras, regular foundations can end up making you look flat and can even make pores and blemishes more noticeable!

HD foundation is made to diffuse flaws and imperfections. How? The pigments found in HD foundation are light-reflecting. This blurs the light and softens the focus, so your skin appears smoother, and more natural looking even with the hyper-focused cameras of today!

If you’re having professional photos taken, whether it’s for a wedding, prom, or even family portraits, investing in a good HD foundation or makeup artist (hint, hint) can make a world of difference!

Beauty Tips

My Airbrush is Clogged! AGAIN!!!!

November 27, 2017


If you are new to airbrushing like we once were, you may have encountered the same problem we did; your airbrush inexplicably gets clogged every time you use it. No matter how many times you clean it or take it apart, the makeup just won’t come out! Hopefully you haven’t done what we did and bought several different machines out of the belief that they were broken… They weren’t.


One problem actually lies in the viscosity of the makeup itself and/or the size of the needle.


Viscosity is the thinness or thickness of a liquid. Different brands of airbrush makeup vary widely in viscosity. Some feel more watery and others feel like heavy cream. Keep in mind that shimmery or metallic makeup may have larger particles within the liquid itself that can cause the airbrush to clog as well.


If your makeup is too thick for your airbrush gun, you simply need to buy a new gun with an end nozzle that has a larger opening.  


There is also the issue of different types of airbrush liquids that don’t “mix”.  Some may be silicone based and others water based and that means trouble for your airbrush gun!

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Wedding Day Do’s and Dont’s

August 17, 2017

Just a little advice from those of us that have done – oh about a million weddings! (Give or take)

  • Do give your phone to someone else if you can on the day of your wedding.  You need to enjoy your special day plus if you are constantly distracted it’s hard to finish getting ready!
  • Don’t stress about the little things.  Like a pimple.  Most every bride we have has some type of skin “issue” the day of – but we can take care of it – Promise!
  • Do drink lots of water and try to get some rest well before your wedding day! We know you have lots to do but dehydration can be horrible for your body and your skin.
  • Do wax your eyebrows (if you want) – But do it about a week prior to the wedding!  The freshly waxed skin doesn’t stick to the makeup like the rest of your face!
  • Don’t stay quiet if there is something that you just don’t like about your hair and/or makeup.  Be honest with us because our job is to make your day as beautiful as possible.  We can handle it.
  • Do ask your bridal party to allow us to finish everyone before doing touch-ups or fixing loose hair – we will get to all of it at the end…but constant interruptions can slow things down.  We will make sure that everyone gets their final “prep”.   
  • Don’t forget it’s YOUR day – we sure won’t!
  • Do have a facial if you like .  If you have never had one please do one several weeks prior to the wedding day.  No one likes to be surprised with an allergic reaction.  If all is good with the first one, then have your facial any time before the wedding.
  • Don’t worry about bringing your own makeup or supplies.  We bring it all – so all you have to do is sit back and relax.
  • Do HAVE FUN!!!  We love to joke around while getting everyone “beautified”.  If you want a super serious beauty team that never cracks a smile or won’t hold a conversation…we aren’t it!  

         And as always….

                  Be Strong.  Be Beautiful.