High Definition Makeup– What is it? You’ve probably heard of HD makeup, whether it be on beauty blogs, TV, or even seeing it in stores. So many makeup brands, including e.l.f., NYX, and LA Girl have HD lines… But what makes it different from regular makeup?
Ok so WE didn’t go to Paris but… Back in September we had the amazing opportunity to do hair and makeup for Charlotte fashion designer Luis Machicao’s Fall 2018 collection. Luis wanted a very vintage look for our model, Erica, so we went with a voluminous up-swept ‘do
  If you are new to airbrushing like we once were, you may have encountered the same problem we did; your airbrush inexplicably gets clogged every time you use
Just a little advice from those of us that have done – oh about a million weddings! (Give or take) Do give your phone to someone else if you can on the day of your wedding.  You need to enjoy your special day plus if
Pink Warrior was blessed to be a part of a very special day for an incredibly strong woman.  Ashley has been battling breast cancer and her friends and loved ones thought there was no better way to celebrate than to schedule a photo session with Casey Hendrickson.  Casey, a photographer
I have had SO MANY women tell me that they wish they had my level of confidence.  My own Pink Warriors have said this – that they want to be like me. I giggle at both statements because I have always struggled to be confident and to be strong.  I
So I get asked all the time…”Why did you name your business ‘Pink Warrior Makeup Artistry’?”  It is way deeper than just liking the color pink or fighting with mascara wands!  In this name I find strength, understanding, patience, fierceness, compassion, hope, loyalty, honesty with some pink pizzazz. For a
When I was 14 years old, my sweet aunt gave me a book to help me feel more beautiful.  More importantly, I think what she wanted me to see is the beauty I already had – what she saw in me – what she never could see in herself.  She